Topic of the day 09 march

24 hours… to just take things “one day at a time”, and how you have succeeded in achieving that mentality…

alrighty, so far today has been very boring on here… so… let’s spice it up… BOOBS!

LMFAO. That has no interest to me. hehe. I wake up in the morning with a note to myself to take things one day at a time. There are little post it’s all over my house saying to take things one day at a time. Posative thinking helps too.

yeah i just learned in my group classes that actually scheduling your whole day out prevents you from drinkin…i really dont have that problem cause my days are scheduled for me lol…taking one long day at a time

Who was the first (boy) to come up with the word “boobs”? I do not believe it was a girl. Second thought for the day; I’ll bet the word boobs is said/whispered more times than anyother place at the playground. Those darn little boys! I’m still one from time to time myself, if you happen catch Me right! However, I prefer to call them, “Curves” or even perhaps instead of boobs, I call them “Lovely”. Woman, are certainly blessed creatures, Angels, and Devine! I am very glad to Be with My one special Angel, she is a Sweet Goddessa. I Love you Bambi Eyes! I dunno, it’s just that boobs sounds so?..

Shammalamadingding ~
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Boobs…titties … tits … snoopy ears … curves … hooters … nipples …clevage…breasts …ugg…( thats just to polite of a word )
My thought ~ Frightening use of nudity , Breasts not Bombs !!
Which brought my attention to , Why is it that people who take their clothes off in public(or sometimes behind closed doors ,too) are the ones i’d rather not see! Men with shriveled dicks and women with boobs sagging past their waists! Next time I witness someone frighteningly nakey I’m asking for their contact info. , and then submit these men and women to What Not to Wear- overhaul make over ,or in their case ~Please Put Your Fuking Clothes Back On Before I Lose my lunch.

(P.S. I never really understood the facination with tit augmentation until now. There’s a good chance that if my “boobs” ever start drooping like snoppy ears you’ll be seeing me in the waiting room of the nearest hoot clinic.)
Jade ~
Tomorrow I’ll GROW up ~