Topical anti-androgen cream

Has anyone ever tried applying a topical anti-androgen cream to the affected area? It seems to have worked in the below case:;year=2009;volume=75;issue=2;spage=202;epage=203;aulast=Sirka

It seems that this birthmark is caused by overly high levels of androgen receptors in the affected area - would a topical cream be able to bring about a normal level, and thus normal skin/hair?

Just a question. I’m not doctor.

Just chiming in to say thanks for posting this! I’ve tried a number of things, but I’ve never heard of an anti-androgen being used. Hopefully one of the doctors/med students in this forum can shed some more light on this possibility.

I believe that in those 3 cases the anti-androgen cream was used to treat the breast hypoplasia and not the becker Nevus itself.

does anyone with a beckers nevus know how to smoothen in to feel like regular skin?


I believe topical anti androgens work for Becker Nevus.

please see :


But the problem is I have no idea how can I prepare the topical cream.

I posted about this in another thread addressing the same topic. I tried a couple different topical antiandrogens, applying them twice daily, over the course of 5-8 weeks, each separately (13 weeks total). Neither of them had any effect.