Topical Anti-androgen to reduce hyperpigmentation

So, I occasionally indulge in my self-loathing and look for new research related to the irregular brown spot that covers my upper left chest area. To my surprise I came across a patent application for treating the hyperpigmentation with 4% topical flutamide twice a day with an associated article showing effectiveness in a female subject. However flutamide is absorbed systemically and can do terrible things to the male endocrine system. Not wanting to add breasts and erectile dysfunction to my list of things to be insecure about, I did some research on dht (dihydrotestosterone) blockers and came across spironolactone which is safer for men to apply topically. I found a 5% spironolactone cream (normally used to treat hair loss) for sale called S5. I have begun applying it to the approx. 6x8 area of my Becker nevus twice a day. I will continue this for 8 weeks. I'm 4 days in. I will stop the experiment if I see an increased sensitivity in my nipples or a marked decrease in libido or inability to achieve an erection. I'm hoping for a decrease in melanin production to even out the tone of the skin. I already tried an alexandrite laser to which it was unresponsive after 3 treatments aside from some light scarring (that was about ten years ago).

Wow, I hadn't heard about this treatment before. It would be amazing if this worked! Keep us posted on what you're seeing. Thanks for posting

No need for an update, Curseofbecker. I have tried it myself. 8 weeks, 5% topical Spironolactone, twice daily (brand S5). Absolutely no change.

No need for an update. I tried it myself. 8 weeks (7 weeks, really,, but good enough.) 5% Spironolactone. Twice daily. Absolutely no change in the appearance of my nevus.

Any results, Curseofbecker? I've ordered the same product, and am eager to start trying it out myself.

Hello everyone,


I stumbled over the research article this past summer. As promising as it appears, I scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist. After some optimistic conversations with her, she ultimately called me back saying she didn't feel comfortable prescribing flutamide. I have tried multiple times to contact the investigators on the original study. However the chair of the research department said I would need to contact the doctor that performed the research. He is no longer practicing at the same institution. If anyone would like the full article I can send it, as I have access through my university. Please keep us updated on the results. 



Thanks for letting us know. We'll continue searching. We'll all find something someday!

I'm going to give RU a try next. I read some people saying it is the most effective antiandrogen you can get. In fact, I've read some people saying Spiro is weak. I'll let you all know how it goes.

It came to my attention that RU is supposed to be stored in the freezer with the lid of its container taped over and tightly shut, and that I did none of that. I've reordered, and am going to give it another 8-week trial. I've also taken pictures this time so that I can better assess the results. I will let you all know how it goes.

@cranium nice find! Lets us know how it goes!

Sorry to report, but five weeks twice daily of RU anti-androgen likewise had no effect.

Woops. I guess I was suppose to continue for 8 weeks. Oh, well. My bottle ran out. I'm quite confident a second purchase to complete the prescribed treatment plan would be a waste of my money.