Hey there. Just wanted to let people know that I went back to the Cleveland Clinic (where I had my double lung and liver transplants) for a bronchoscopy and some PFT’s. My FEV1 is now at 82%, compared to the 16% before the transplants and the bronch showed that everything looks great and I have no rejection. The doctors decreased my prednisone to 5mg and they D/C’d another med. I am basically posting this to tell people that if you are looking into transplants and are not sure if you want to do it, you really should. We all know what the other choice is for CF patients and that’s why I was all for it when the doctor said it was time. I also found out at this set of appointments that the colostomy bag that I got in June from the removal of my colon will not come off until December. That’s when they plan to do the stoma closure instead of September like they originally thought. That’s all right though, it’s better than having it for the rest of my life!! Anyway, I just wanted to let people know that 6 months after my transplants, I feel great!

Hi Patricia,

That’s a wonderful update! Life will only get better for you now…before you know it, the life you had pre-transplant (tx) will seem like a bad dream. Wishing you all the best in your life ahead of you! My daughter is now over 8 years post-tx and she is doing wonderful!

mom of Tara 24 w/cf, tx’d 5-27-99