I have been GF for 4 years after biopsy diagnosed celiac, I find that I am OK at home and so far the travel we do with children to relatives or camping or renting a cabin have been OK. I am however mourning the loss of dreams of world travel when the kids are gone and I can retire. Have any of you traveled to other countries? The thought that needs to go into choosing food here seems impossible 3 meals a day in foreign languages. Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.

Looking forward to sharing any response you get from your query. I am
retired and my husband travels a lot on contracts. Would love to join

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hi Jean O,

There are websites out there that have cards you can print in different
languages. Unfortunately, they are not bookmarked on my computer, but you
should be able to find wallet cards. There are some free ones out there, but
some of them print in low resolution. There are also international cards you
can pay for and get them mailed to you, but I think traveling is costly as
it is.

I’ve seen cards in Italian, Spanish, French, Hindi, Russian, Arabic and
Chinese. I’ve printed some out and have copies of them in my wallet…in
case I go to a restaurant here in my city and English isn’t their first
language. I can’t believe I am now able to eat Chinese food without getting

Good luck!

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