Treatment for ESS

Is anyone out there receiving any decent and effective treatment?

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At least one surgeon seems to have had some success treating ESS.

See "Treating ESS with Shunt"

Yes agreed, but I have never had the symptoms he has cured.
I have had long term benefit of Dostinex, Cabergoline and Bromocriptine through various stages since 1983. I was told they are the only three drugs to control the effects of my particular condition, which was a prolactinoma af the anterior fossa. My treatment with Bromo has caused the secondary ESS. I dont have a pituitary gland or the stalk, but it is believed, just a thin layer of pituitary tissue lining the empty sella.
As the pituitary gland is a messenger for the major organs in your body and also controls growth, sex, aging, metabolism etc the treatment depends on your individual condition, I still have to take the bromo.
I have been reading about various symptoms suffered by individuals with pituitary tumours/ESS, some of which I cannot relate to. These include, headaches, Giantism, dwarfism, overweight, blindness, sterility, high blood pressure, diabetes, excess facial hair .
I have also found through experience and discussion that there are also unlisted symptoms which one may “suffer” . In some instances they are not all detrimental.
Can I leave you with a couple of questions to think over;
Do you have enough info from your specialist to understand the detail of your condition to enable you to make informed decisions? and
Do you have the support of others to help you if you decide to find out more ?

Kind Regards

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