Treatment for MS

I was Diagnosed about 25 years ago. I have on occasion had some methyl pred ro take the edge off things: my vision seems permanently affected. But I’ve never had any ABCR drugs: and yet I sem now to have reached the point of an almost benign form.
If that is accurate, I’d like to know if there are any other longer-term survivors - who get by without too many drugs (my only regular bit is Endep at night - whgich at least ensures a decent night’s rest).
Feel free to let me know - not for Research, but interesting to compare…ds

Yes - Thanks. There doesn’t seem much to go on - not that I’m complaining. It seems strange trying to more or less write your own story…ds

It will take some time for a larger population of MS patients to join this careplace site. I think all of us are writing our own story. MS is so different for every one of us. I hope we can be here to share.


Hi, 1989 is my official Dx year but I had symptoms long before then. In 1995 I was told I would probably never be without my power chair and my Dx was changed to SPMS. In 1997 I began Copaxone and in 2003 my Dx was changed again back to RRMS. In 2005 I got my motorcycle riding endorsement and now ride my own bike.
With the new medications available the course of MS in many people have made dramatic changes to the better… to this day my nerologist is still seeing new improvements and my exacerbations are becoming less and less frequent (almost 4 yrs since the last one …knock on wood).
Some neuros beleive MS patients reach a plateau over time but why settle for that when there are meds available that can offer improvement. I know my motorcycle goes alot faster than my powerchair or scooter ever did.