Treatment for Oral & Vaginal Lichan Planus


Is anyone out there using or has any one used a treatment that has worked?
I am so bummed, is this stress related? That the only thing that I can imagine for me…I have had a blood test to rule out Hep. C.
This stuff hurts and my came once 2 yrs ago and now recently for 3 weeks, got 2 weeks of reprieve and its back.
Any suggestions?


I don’t have oral and vaginal, but I do have it on my legs and arms. Mine
started about 2 months ago. I too had the HEP C test and mine was negative,
so if it is stress-related, then I guess that would be the cause. Mine does
not itch or burn. The appearance of it is what causes me distress, so to
speak. I have been give Halobetasol. She also told me UV therapy was good,
so I have just been going to the tanning bed, but it doesn’t seem to help
either, so I wish I had something better to offer, but I don’t. Let me know
if you hear of anything. G:)
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