Treatment for VVS

I’ve tried steroid creams, tricyclics, lidocaine, citrical, and the low oxilate diet (after I came really close to having the surgery). The diet worked for a long time, but now I’m in pain again. Any suggestions?

I improved with acupuncture and physical therapy in about 30%

I have suffered with this for one and one half years. I tried the diet, the pills, all kinds, the steriod creams and the painful shots of numbers and steriods. I finally found the solution that works. This my my last try before having the surgery.

I found a neurourologist through my vulvavologist who deals only with vulvadynia,and he neurologist placed a temporary interstim box on me and set it to stimulate the sacral nerve that runs throughthe muscles so that they would be overstimulated and they would relax. It was an easy recovery and about an hour surgery. I had the temporary box on after the small surgery to inject the leads at the back for about two weeks and it took away the burning. I opted for the real surgery which is where they implanted a interstim the size of a 50 cent piece in my lower back under the skin near the rear. I have a control box that if I start to burn I set it up and the burning stops. It is kind of like a pacemaker in the behined I have not had a problem for 5 weeks now since I had this done. This is the longest I have every gone without pain or burning. It does not interfere with my life at all and you cannot tell it is there. I am finally pain free, eating as usual. The only thing I do not drink is caffene only because I am afraid to. The surgery took about one half hour to implant the permanent one. I am finally myself again after all this time. The doctor said it takes about a full six months to see the full results but I am feeling them now!