Treatment of Iritis

What other kind of treatments are there for Iritis? I’m on eyedrops and oral steroids right now.

First of all, I love your nickname! My eye doctor says that there is absolutely nothing new for iritis, and I first got it 23 years ago - great. Basically it seems to be eyedrops, sometimes eye drops that keep the eye dilated, steroid shots right near the eye (I don’t recommend it), oral steroids, and sometimes they try chemotherapy to quiet the eye. Because of the iritis and steroids you may have to have a cataract operation. I don’t think they have anything much better because they can’t find the root cause of this nasty disease. My doctor sure isn’t much help, he’s more into surgery than medicine.I haven’t been on oral steroids for quite a while, I do remember painting almost every room in our house, I had so much energy. If youv’e heard of any new treatment I’d love to hear about it.Sue— On Sat 06/09, hottmama < > wrote:From: hottmama [mailto:]To: silver651@excite.comDate: Sat, 9 Jun 2007
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I don’t know if you saw my name on the Iritis list or not, but I am sending
you a copy of my experiences that I wrote about:

I first had an Iritis attack in 1999
while at work. I had a huge water pocket appear on my eye and pain like I
couldn’t believe. In 2000, I seemed to have the attacks more than not having
them. I was almost constantly using the pred forte drops and had to take
steroid pills a couple of times (two packs straight through before relief)
They were threatening injections in the eye.

A couple of years later, I saw information from some discussion groups and
learned about people who seemed to have milk and milk products seem to
trigger the attacks. I started avoiding milk and now have an occasional
attack, but it usually always happens when I decided that something such as
ice cream is worth the risk. I also eat cherries, celery and other anti
inflammatory foods to try to avoid the attacks (especially when I get that
taletell ache in the eyebrow bone). I have been attack free for 1 year and 1
month now, though I have had several times that I either had the eyebrow
thing or the eye start turning red or getting the ‘blister’ on it. I usually
hit the cherries and treat milk like poison and get it cleared up without
the meds. Med free for over a year is great for me!!! It is well worth the
sacrifice of the milk and milk products. I swear by it and though I get my
weak moments and eat ice cream, I use soy for all my other milk needs (even
yogurt) and often get the frozen soy bars instead of ice cream.

good luck

On 6/9/07, hottmama wrote:

in reference to dstrong… You mentioned milk. My husband and I had switched from milk to soy for awhile. Not for any medical reason. It was just that the cost of milk skyrocketed for awhile. We discovered that soy wasnt so bad. I am such a milk baby! But I discovered when we drink soy, I dont crave the dairy products. We went back to milk a couple of weeks ago and now I have iritis again. Never concidered that a connection.

It was suggested to me over a year ago by a ciropractor to get on the “in the zone” diet. It is an anti imflamatory diet. If its inflamation I need to be concerned about, that diet may be an option to curtail these epesodes of iritis. Anyone know anything about that? I did not know anything about the cherries you mentioned. care if i pick your brain? what other foods would you suggest to add or avoid?


interesting that you came up with Iritis after returning to milk. I really do think it affects me with the iritis. Feel free to email me directly at and I will be glad to correspond back and forth about ‘discoveries’ regarding iritis.


It good that people are working on the dietry aspect to a possible cause to iritis
I found out I was wheat intolerant just over a year ago, cut it from my diet (and mascara) and havent had iritis since. previously I had suffered it for years.

Good Luck with your tests, I hope it’s not anything you listed.Sue— On Sun 03/09, BabsZ < > wrote:From: BabsZ [mailto:]To: silver651@excite.comDate: Sun, 09 Mar 2008 21:15:44 -0400Subject: Re: [iritis] Treatment of Iritis

I have been learning to eat in the Zone. Thats Dr Sears Book, a week in the zone. It keeps insulin at a constant level AND Rids the body of inflamation. I feel really good. the change was fast. But yesterday, I had family in and made some stupid food choices. I was up several times in the night, acheing all over. Couldnt get comfortable. Got up and took some Ibprophin. Woke up this morning very swollen… Inflamation maybe? I think so.

After the 3rd epesode with iritis, then trying this eating plan. ( I dont want to call it a diet) I am thinking I can make a difference in how I feel and maybe never see iritis again. sure hope so.

I did go for my blood test on friday. WOW, The took 10 vials of blood. Also did a urin test that this lab had never seen before. I had to make a donation then drink some water and as soon as I could give another donation, I was done. They looked up for me what that was about. Its something about renal deseas or transplant viabilaty. They asked me If i had or was getting a trasplant. NO, not me… They are looking at all kinds of things in the blood test. I bet anyone reading this has already been through all this. But some of the things I know they are checking is Lupis, Authritis, Limes Desease for starters. Tomorrow I go take a TB test. I am expecting all these to come back normal. I dont like the sound of ANY of them.

I do plan to eat to keep the inflamation down. Hopefully that will help.

I am TB free. Knew it was neg but now its official and I have a paper to prove it. lol. I am doing well on this eating in the zone plan and feeling good. Should hear from the Dr in another week or so. Hopefully I can once again put this behind me.

Sounds good! I bought some of the zone books. I’ll have to try to read up on it a bit when I get some time.

Hope it makes you iritis free!!!