Trigeminal Neuralgia Member Introductions


Hi my name is Bonnie and I’ve suffered from TN for 30 years. I started when I was 30 after I had an auto accident and hit my face on the steering wheel. I wasn’t dx until about 15 years ago. So I went through many trial and errors before I got any help. I’ve had two Gamma Knife and got some relief for about two years, then the pain came back.
I’ve recently started taking Lyrica 225mg twice a day and have been pain-free for about a year and a half.
I believe that support at this time when you are suffering is very important. When I finally find out there were others out there like me, a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I’d like to help others know they’re not alone.

Looks like this will be a successful site for help and commaradier.


wanted to learn about Trigeminal Neuralgia, because a family member has been suffering with it.


I have episodic TN. I’m interested in finding solutions to the pain, and I’m particularly interested in alternative/complementary approaches.


I’m Ken. Fom Minnesota.


Just to find and share info on TN, I have had tn since 2004,36 female, West Virginia.


Want to connect with others who are suffering. Am disgusted with medical community and others not understanding my situation at all. Need friends. i am happily married, 59 year old. Live in country in Finger Lakes area of N.Y. state.


I have had trigeminal nueralgia for 6 years. I have just had my second gamma knife surgery and am feeling better. I worry because the effects of the first surgery last only about 18 months and each subsequent surgery is less effective. I’m also told that the anti-seizure meds I will be forced to take when the pain returns are less and less effective following surgeries. This disease has so profoundly affected my life. The pain is so severe. I am considered 100% disabled by social security. I wish it would all just go away. I would like to learn about the effectiveness of other surgeries and of any new drugs that may be available.


I have ATN, I’d like to learn more about the condition, potential treatments, and I’d like to talk with anyone else who has this problem.


I have had TN for the last 5 years and am looking for people who understand what I am going through and Looking for some answers.


I’m 26 and have trigminal neuralgia and recently had an MVD. I would like to talk to other people with trigeminal neuralgia.


I have had Trigeminal Neuralgia for about 16 years. It is currently in what I call remission, but I know it can strike at any time. I have tried a number of medications, but the best medicine I have tried so far is positive thinking. A combination of positive thinking and stress-reduction seems to help me the most. I have been educating myself (and my neurologist) on TN and also belong to a local TN support group. I am the youngest member of this group which puts tings into a different perspective for my peers. Learning more about TN and then sharing the information with others is one important way for me to deal with it.


I have been having severe pain in front of my ear down my jaw and now even almost to my chin. I did have 1 tooth that hurt, but now there are 2-3 next to one another that hurt. I’ve been to my PCP, my dentist and ENT and no one seems to know what is going on. I have not been without pain for even 2 minutes all day today. This has been going on for over a week, and is getting worse as the days go by.

I would like to know if these symptoms are like anyone elses?


my name is JEan I never heard of this illness have got ann appt june 28th there is no known home remedy. anybody can give me some more info this…ps this is horrible…


hi i m from EU, 32 living with NT for 3 years .


My name is LC and I have trigeminal neuralgia. I was diagnosed in 2004 and have since had gamma knife once and microvascular decompression surgery twice. After the second mvd, I am not having the tn electrical shock attacks but am experiencing pretty severe neuropathic pain through the tn nerve branches. Is there ever an end to this? Since this disorder is so rare, it would be nice to share with others that understand and maybe could give suggestions for what has worked and what hasn’t worked for them.


Curious to figure out if I have a condition. Interested in talking to people with similar syptoms and experiences


My husband has had surgery for this in his face. because of the surgery he lost the hearing in his left ear. the surgery was done in nov. 1999 and the past week he has had pain coming back. I want to know if this happens and what can be done.


I was diagnosed with this condition several months ago and want more information.


I’m interested in this condition, because I believe I have the condition.


I am retired 29years in the Marine Corps. I have been healthy most of my life.I now have pain in my face nose and forehead most of the time.I have been to every kind of Dr. not finding out whats wrong.I have almost givin up .