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I strted take Trileptal , but I just can not take it in morning. I can’t drive car to get to work and I can’t loose my job!!


My dd took trileptial for awhile for her TN. It should work within a week or two. If it is not working by then I would contact your doctor to get your dose raised. As for having children. There really is no reason why you cant have children. There are other meds they can give you. I have a friend that just had a child while taking antisezuire meds. You must be more careful and you will want to tell your ob/gyn but there is no reason to giving up trying to have children. Trileptal didnt work great for my dd. it took the edge off the pain but never got rid of it. We ended up trying several other medicines until we got to the one we got now. If you want any other help feel free to message me.

The side effects should subside after your body gets use to the medicines.

Good luck


Hi, thank you
I just stop taking trileptal in the morning, I just can’t …I’m working as a babysitter and I just can’t take
responsibility to drive kids like this. I’m so tired, dizzy, sometimes I can’t even walk. So I’m taking it just at night, but I guess is not workin once a day, because I’m still in pain.
What to do please???


Well there are other drugs you can take. You may want to look at taking a higher dose at night instead of two smaller doses during the day. You can also try an essential oil concontion that I created for my dd. It works wonders for her. I know narcotics dont do much for the pain of TN but sometimes the calm enough for you get thru the worst of it. Does your neurologist know that you need or want to keep working? Maybe they would have some other ideas for you. I wish I could be more help. If you need to talk you are free to PM me or email me. I am always here to help.



Hi, I am a member of this group and the yahoogroup TN - I have had TN since I was 30 years old and in the beginning used tegretol to control the pain - it worked fabulous - but then it almost killed me when I got purpura - I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and remember nothing from that time.

I am almost 42 years old… and tired of the pain, really.


Hi Lynn,

So sorry to hear about your pain:((((
My TN was related to what I ate and I could keep the pain away by paying close attention to my nutrition. I have to avoid all fats - except butter and coconut oil.
The worst always was another kind of fat combined with sugar and carbs.
Did you ever see a relationship with what you ate or drank?
Hang in there - you will find a solution!



I am a patient advocate with the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association. For 10 years I have researched a new diet therapy that stops TN pain by limiting saturated fat. Not all fats. Just the excessive saturated fat in the American
diet. I made a presentation on the history and effectiveness of this diet at TNA’s 2004 National Conference at the Disney World Resort. To try this diet, email your mailing address to or call 248-642-7235 for an eight-page report with diet instructions, the diet’s history, testimonials, and the amount of saturated fat in 140 foods.

If you have typical TN and are currently in pain, or would be in pain if you
stopped medication, I would like you to consider enrolling in a study I am conducting to establish the efficacy of this diet.

A patient’s success story: Mrs. Churukian is a Michigan patient
with a thirty-year history of TN. having taken Dilantin, Neurontin, Tegretol, Baclofen and two glycerol injections and three radiofrequency rhizotomies. All were temporarily successful. But ultimately the neurosurgeon at the University of Michigan said nothing more could be done to stop her pain. For health reasons MVD was not an option. She was now experiencing daily attacks of excruciating pain even while sleeping. The diet stopped her pain in less than a week and at 86 she has been pain free for 10 years. She no longer requires medication and there was also improvement
in blood pressure, cholesterol, weight loss and other health issues.