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i too suffer from odour problem ive been tested for trimethylaminuria and it came back negative even know i shower 3 times daily it doesnt seem 2 help as any1 got any other suggestions for me

I have TMAU. Just wanting to get in touch with people with same condition and share knowledge on what’s working for them.

Hi, my name is bill and I noticed this when I was 12 years old. I am now 33 and while I have learned to live with it, it still bothers me. It can be terrible when your an adolecent living with this. At least we know now what it is, back then I thought i was going nuts because doctors and family denied it.

Hi, everyone. My name is Cindy and I am writing a book on human body odor that will naturally include TMAU. Although I don’t have the condition I have great compassion for those of you who live with it and its consequences. Would anyone like to share with me how TMAU has impacted your life? I won’t use real names in the book if you don’t want me to. To verify my legitimacy you can visit my website at

id like to meet /talk with other that have tmau

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Body odor want to find why and what can do.

I’m a 26yr old male who lives with BO and i am seeking support, help, and consolation. i have had this problem for some years now and it has contrbuted to a lot of Bsht i’ve experienced.

I am a woman in my 40’s that probaly has this condition

My son 26 y.o. has this. We need help/answers!!He lives in Tokyo.

I think I have TMAU. I hope I have TMAU. Just to have a diagnosis would be so helpful, and would bolster my esteem a lot.

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I am the father of a girl with TMAU.

Hi, I would likt to meet and chat with people with the same problem I have sometime. Stacy

Michelle Graves, 20, MA

I am a self-diagnosed sufferer. Still not sure I have this, but what else could it be? I’ve tried everything else (dental care, etc.) and I’m wondering if I will make it as a teacher now that I’ve developed this condition. I need info on diet, lifestyle and survival!! My students will thank you for your help.

I have the condition and want to learn all I can about it.I would like to learn treatment to manage it. also foods to eat.

I have a daughter who possably has TMAU. I’m looking for info and support.

I haven’t been diagnosed with this condition.But am 99.9 %that i do have it.

I’m from canada, manitoba to be exact and I know they have tested in toronto but have to have a referral and no drs no about tmau. So I’m trying to help myself deal with this condition.

My name is sheri and I have a husband and 4 kids whom i would like to help in case they develop this problem.

Hi I’m amwe6,
I’m looking for support with dealing with TMAU, a non-supportive husband and some of the cruelest co-workers one can imagine. I need clarification on foods low in choline.
I’d like to connect with some people in the Washington metropolitan area.

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I am joining this group because I believe there are long term effects of Tamu on our body. In other words, because of this conditon what other effects does this syndrome produce other than odor, although our overidding concern obviously is odor? What effects does it have on the heart, the immune system,etc?