Trouble Sleeping

Anyone want to share their solutions for insomnia . I am having a hard time with it latley. I take 300 mg of Trazadone and I am still wide awake ! Has anyone ever tried Doxepin ? I have tried melatonin and all the other over the counter things. I am desperate !

I dont ingest any tea, coffee, pop or chocolate, I step away from a screen 3 hours before bedtime (no tv, no computer) have a warm bath, and lie in the bed with a book.

I never had insommnia until I was pregnant with my son 13 years ago. I’ve had it a handful of times since then. As you know I’m very anti-pharmaceutical, so I do the above after the first day. I’ve gone 4 days without sleep soemtimes, until I’ve gotten physically ill so I empathize.

It can be a really unpleasant experience.

Good luck.

oh I also find having had a dinner high in carbs helps…linguine, risotto.

I find carbs mellows out tension if you feel wound up.

Thanks TP !