Turkey Rant - Going home for T-Giving

Hi Folks,

I know it has been a long time since I have written but my life has gone thru many changes since I wrote last. Mainly, I started working nights and watching my kids during the day so that my family could stay financially afloat by no longer paying childcare. But that is a different subject for different day. Today it is Turkey Rant time.

My wife and I have decided to spend TG apart b/c she will no longer stay with my parents when I visit them (they live 8 hours away). This is b/c of the way my parents treat me – which my wife is convinced led to my breakdown. My sister will probably be there. She is THE drama queen, go ahead wiki “Drama Queen” here picture is there I swear, has officially disowned me and is now going around telling friends she and I are “estranged.” She called me to give me s*** two of three months ago. My wife got on the line and called her a F***'in B****. I am glad to go back to my hometown b/c recently, a very very very close friend has been diagnosed with Stage I Kidney Cancer and though it is in remission it is cancer and even though he has put a brave face on it I want him to spend some time with me and my kids. But spending one minute with family will be my undoing if I let it.

I am working up some coping skills like spending as little time with them as possible. I can use the excuse of showing my kids the local sights like Niagara Falls and maybe bringing my parents along. The kids can be a buffer. Well thanks for listening I am trying to write more and listen more – It always helps!!!


Good luck with going home, but honestly, it sounds like it might be best for both you and your wife if you just totally avoid your family, at least until you’re feeling more certain you can cope with them. Your health and that of your wife and kids has to come before visiting your parents.

I hope you’re friend recovers. I’ve been through two cancers, but both were caught VERY early, and so far I’m still in remission.

Hang in there Rob. Turkey day can be very stressful in many ways because there are so many family expectations. Take your time with making any decisions, then do what you feel is the best for you!

Turkey day can be very happy or very stressful. It is my favorite holiday…my husband and I have been going to my sisters andmy brother in laws for 16 years. I get to see all of my neices and nephews. The cousins all get together. I get to go to my home town and visit my parents grave. I just got the word today it has been changed this year. My Brother in law passed away this summer and everyone is going in different directions. So goes another phase of my life. My last family ties are broken along with my heart.