A few years ago, I read about a treatment being done in China with focused ultrasound, and it seemed very promising. Does anyone have more recent information on this treatment? Is anyone doing it in the U.S. yet? I had briefly considered going to China, but thought I should wait and see more results. I am feeling so frustrated right now, watching my body disappear, if you know what I mean. :frowning:

I just now saw your post; do you happen to know where I can
read up about this treatment that was done in CHina; I also have
LS for many years and am interested in new research and treatments
for this;

Here is the article reporting initial findings on his study:


It is a big old. When I find more current information, I will pass it on.

Thanks! This research sounds interesting; I hope they are doing a followup study;

Yes, I think the research is ongoing and I remember some discussion about a few U.S. medical centers looking at the equipment. Apparently at the time the article was written, the equipment was not here to do the procedure here. I wrote a post looking for information on another forum and I’ll let you know what I find out.