I’m undiagnosed for four years now. I’ve had every test imaginable with no diagnosis. I hurt all over, I’ve gained 60 pounds. I practically starve myself and can’t get the weight off. I’m so weak I can’t exercise anymore and exercise was such a large part of my life before I got sick. I can’t stand to be dressed, I feel so swollen and I have a stinging pain all over. I have terrible cravings and want to eat all the time…and I was never like that before. The weight is mostly upper weight gain and I have pain and alot of swelling in my upper stomach. Guess thats enough for now.
Cortisol level is low; aldosterone level is a little high. If you have any idea what could be wrong, send a message. Thanks. Tammy

Have you been checked for an adrenal tumor?? Do you have other Cushing’s symptoms?? Straie, high blood pressure?? Insomnia?


First of all I’m sorry that you are having medical issues. Cushing’s can be hard to detect in some people. Also, not everyone who has the physical features of Cushing’s actually have the syndrome / disease. There are other hormonal and medical conditions that can have some of the same or similar symptoms as Cushing’s. I suggest that you see an experienced endocrinologist if you haven’t already… in order to get a proper diagnosis.

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I did have my the adrenal gland checked, it was fine. I have high b.p. and insomnia.