Univserity of Saskatchewan Arthritis Research

I am a researcher at the University of Saskatchewan studying people with arthritis. I’m particularly interested in why people with arthritis are exercising or are not exercising. You do not have to be exercising currently to take the survey, and want to stress that all types of arthritis are welcome (including fibromyalgia, which is a form of arthritis). We look at all types based on Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations that exercise is beneficial regardless of type of disease. Still, we do understand that RA and OA are different diseases.

To take part, you need to have been told by a health care professional (like a doctor) that you have arthritis, live in Canada or the United States, and you must be at least 18 years of age. If this describes you then please follow this link to the official recruitment poster for more information. There will be random draw for a chance to be selected to receive a $10 gift card to a national
coffee/sandwich shop!



We greatly appreciate your help with our research. Because of your generosity in taking time to help us, can we learn and help future people with arthritis feel better. I am happy to answer any questions at the email address below.

Miranda Cary
Project Coordinator
University of Saskatchewan