Unusual high count

Last night I didn’t feel very well, even threw up for whatever reason. This AM after sleeping 11 hrs, my fasting b/s was 185! Almost fell off my chair because even after a big meal it’s never been that high. Two hrs. later, it was down to 137. (still too high for me). At supper I had mini eggos waffles (26g.carbs) w/sugar free syrup, 4 pieces of bacon and coffee. Before I ate it was 114 and 2 hrs. after it was 179. I don’t know what is going on because I have a pretty good reign of my b/s. I still don’t feel well, and I don’t know if it is worry over the high count, or that my count is high because I don’t feel well. Of course, it’s a holiday wk/end and no dr., not that he’d do much good anyway. I have an appt. w/him Wednes. but until then I’m curious as to why this would happen. Maybe I’m jumping the gun and this is just a freaky day, but it bothers me. So if anyone has any ideas or if this has happened to one of you please relieve my mind. Thanks.