Update on my loving wife Laine

My wife Laine, My soul mate, and the anchor of our family was Dx,d with Pancreatic cancer in March of 2005. She had a distal pancrectomy, and 30 days of Radiation, with Xeloda as Chemo. This treatment was followed by 6 months of Gemzar. In February of 2006 all scans and blood work were clear of Cancer. In July of 2006 the ugly beast raised its head again, with a met to the Kidney and 2 on the stomach lining. She was then given Gemzar, and Xeloda for 6 months. this held it at bay, no additional mets but no decrease in the size of the existing tumors. That Chemo combo proved to be to much for her body after 6 months and she swithced to Tarceva. This chemo did not do her well, a new met was found on the lung and her existing tumors have grown. The tumor on the kidney has or is dangerously close to invading the Bowel. She will no go back to Gemzar, and Xeloda.

I pray for a miricle.

Iam so sorry to hear your wifes illness came back,my mom is on gemzar and tarceva also,she has had 2 -3 rounds of chemo,then her platelets got low,so she been without chemo for 3 weeks now,she was just recently hospitalized,as she was having pain in her neck, a spinal tap and lumbar puncture couldnt determine cause,but they discharged her and said they would have to watch her renal area,kidneys for any trouble?She is eating and her coloring,etc,looks good,this disease sure is a tricky one,never know what gonna pop up next,I wish you a miracle also!!

I am sorry to hear about your wife and kgirls Mom. My Mom was diagnosed with terminal PC on February 23, 2007. She had a plastic stent put in the binary duct on March 1, 2007. She opted for Quality of life and not Quanity of life and decided for no surgery, Chemo or Radiation. We have respected her wishes.

On May 8, 2007 (the day before her 74th birthday) the Doctor tried to replace the plastic stent with a metal one but there was only a slit that she did not want to push through until she knew what was on the other side.

On July 10, 2007 they replaced the plastic stent with a metal stent but found that the plastic stent had moved out of the duct and there was now a lot of infection. She had to stay in the hospital until July 13, 2007 when we were allowed to bring her home with the help of Hospice care.

I am the oldest of 4 children and turned 50 years old in June. I took off of work on FMLA leave and moved in with my Mom. She has helped me through very tough times in my life and I need to do the same for her.

They have given her 2 months to live so I want to spend as much time as I can taking care of her before she is on stronger medication.

Thanks for listening,


My father chose to not do the chemo and radiation. He is using a vegetable diet and supplements. He has a lot of pain and discomfort, but his color looks good. He has lost a lot of weight.
The past couple of days he has done so much better. Before, he couldn’t leave the house but he has been out two days in a row. He knows he doesn’t have long on this earth, and he is ready for heaven, but he hates to leave us all behind. He was the one always taking care of everyone else.
My dad had a pain for a month before he was dxd. He had a ct scan that didn’t show anything. A month later another ct scan showed a tumor wrapped around the main vein. I think that is common.
From what I have been reading, there isn’t much you can do when they do find it early. Sometimes the cancer comes back after a person has gone through the surgery. That seems like a long time to suffer.

How is everything going with your wife’s fight in this disease?
My father is still with us, but is slowly deteriorating. He has had so many problems and my mother is having a tough time being his caregiver. She sticks with him night and day, and I am next door to help out.
Thanks for the ‘hug’.
Vicki’s heart

did you watch any of my videos on www.video.yahoo.com on pancreatic cancer? or cantron and checked the files on the group there is great one for caregivers!

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