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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my 4 1/2 year old fragile x boy interested in writing and using crayons? He is very reluctant to use a pencil and will only do so for a couple minutes at a time. He does not want to imitate my lead when I draw a circle or a line. We got “Handwriting Without Tears” but he’s not ready for it. Thank-you.


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Have you tried using markers…My son wasn’t really interested either but he would scibble on some paper for more than just a few seconds if I gave him markers…He’s 6 years old now and he still prefers markers over crayons…I think he likes the result beter

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Hi mark here, both of my children have fx and both love to write on dry erase boards. For christmas we installed two full size boards in our basement and they love them.They also have small ones for the table.
They also love the variety of colors.Hope this helps.Also try a fat pencil this helps with their fine motor skills.

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My son seems to like markers better too. Maybe because it’s easier to move across the paper, with less pressure. But I’ve also used chalk on the side walk. I started with just drawing pictures of Sponge Bob and Patrick, and that got his interest. Then I just kept drawing circles, and saying “circle round”, like I was just doing it for my own fun. Then held his hand to help him do it, and then he started doing it on his own next to me. He does better if he does it on his own, instead of me trying to make him follow instructions. It’s like he will imitate when he thinks I’m not paying attention. But he got the idea of how to make the round motion. He still is having trouble with the straight lines though.

I have foung these pencils at Walgreens, that are shaped like a wishbone. They help the kid grip the pencil the way they should grip it because of the way it fits on their hand. They were a dollar each, really small, and by the register with the candy and what not. I got one for home and school. That is one of the problems my son has had with writing, is that he doesn’t have the dexterity to hold the pencil the right way. I just thought I would pass that along to anyone who has had the same problems with writing.