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Does anyone actually get compensated for GW sym? I was afraid to have it checked out while on active duty and now i retire in 6 months. Should i be evaulated prior to my retirement?



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Yes, and without a doubt, you should get a complete physical and all your
illnesses/sickneses well documented and checked out prior to your retirement to
include a complete gulf war evaluation, do not get out before all your
issues are resolved; they (your branch of service) can always extend you in active
duty or place you on a medical hold due to unresolved medical issues; don’t
let then full you. It is very hard and almost impossible to prove (get any
percentage with the VA) the VA of an illness and/or sickness if it was not
well/accuratly documented on your active duty medical records. Needless to say,
it is hard enough now if you already have it documented in your medical
reasons. take care and if I can be of nay help just email me; I am retired and
have been dealing with the VA for quite some time.

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Yes, a veteran can get a rating from the VBA for gulf war syndrome.
Surprise, the title has been changed to Undiagnosed illness.
[2] You need to complete the Gulf War Registry, given by the
Environmentaln Agents Coordinator at the VA hospital.
From more details on this go to
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yes, some vets have gotten a rating for GW syndrome. The majority get rating for the individual sympthoms.

Be sure to ask and complete the Persian Gulf Registry Evalutation. The hsopital Environmental Agent Coordinator should hook you up with the paperwork and clinic exam.