Hey I was thinking. A couple of weeks ago I had to go to the hospital…so on… but they gave me Vicodin for the pain, I took one and man I felt pretty good and I had a pick me up, I was wondering have any of you taken vicodin and had the same result? I actually was disaapointed when I took the last one. It is hard for a person to get pain pills but if they work why not, I would rather be addicted and feel better than not be and feel bad all the time.

quality or quantity? I think abt that all the time. I have to avoid pain meds because of bad liver(hepc) double whammy!! but fibro is enough to make me wanna end it all sometimes I beg God to take me! the pain is so severe! My mom od at 33 I was 17 and PG, I remember she could not get off the couch witout herion but back than all this info on fibro ect,… was not known!! so if I just hang on n avoid stress my girls will not be saying the same thing oneday!! the answers will come!!! I only wish my mom didn’t go thru what she did back then, she had it way worse than me, they had no idea abt fibro,chronic pain,hepc ect…they just thought she was a junkie!!there is always a cause and reaction!!!