Vitamin D Deficiency

I found out the other week that I have a severe Vitamin D deficiency.  I was shocked to learn what all symptoms and illnesses this can cause.  It worsens many symptoms of CFS also.

nods.. vit D3 deficiency (cause CFS is a Th2 illness) is quite normal for us to have.  All CFSers should have D3 level checked.. as adequate D levels protect us some against things like cancer etc.

 I have to take supplements too.


hi taniaaust  i thaught i would reply to this conversation as i have had my vit d levels tested.

having the right tests run and sending the samples in a frozen state is very important,as is using the right lab.

to show you how the body transforms vit,d2 to d3 in a disproportionate manner i will list my personal test results they are as follows,  vitamin d2 18 ng/ml  vitamin d3 49 pg/ml ,the two numbers should be fairly close to being in balance, as you can see mine are not.

vitamin d3 is a secosteroid and as we all know steroids supress the immune system,that is why the two must be in balance.

i have been on the MP for 2 months and i am feeling considerably better as my D levels come into balance and i rid my body of intercelular bacteria.

having your d levels checked is fairly expensive (200-250$) so having insurance coverage is important.


blue… fortunatly the gremlins have stayed out of mine for a while lol.

Im not on marshal protocol… my D3 level was only 44 (normal is between 60-160). My D2 level was in normal range but at 72.

My CFS specialist thou does put many onto Marshal protocol or one like that…but seems to only if he can find the infection eg its often rickettsia he finds in half of the CFSers