Weight Gain

Hi, I have posted before, my daughter Jessica is now 14 and is more of a handful than she has ever been. Our newest problem is her eating, EVERYTHING she never feels full,

My three year old has ACC and never feels full… Even though we restricted him to a 600 calorie diet, he still weighs 55lbs!

Consider the possibility that your child might not have the natural self=regulation the rest of us do. With ACC there can be many skills that need to be explicitly taught, whereas neurotypical kids generally pick them up on their own.

We found with our daughter that she didn’t recognize her body’s signs well. She had trouble with toilet training because she didn’t recognize in time that she had to go, so she went to preschool in Pullups. Since we didn’t get her diagnosis until she was 17, we didn’t really know what we were facing for a lot of years. It all makes more sense now.

As far as food, she had failure to thrive as a newborn because she would not eat at night, only wanting to sleep. She also did not have any motivation to hold a cup or bottle, or to put things in her mouth. When she was a toddler, she’d try to drink so much she sloshed, and could not fit another thing (food) in. We had to monitor her meals closely, something dietitians (including one of my best friends) DO NOT recommend!

She did gain a lot or weight in middle school, which was suruprising since she’d always been so very tiny. We had some talks with her about thinking about her body’s signals to tell when she was full, and also telling her she never had to finish all of anything, whether a meal or a snack or a milkshake (except milk). She outgrew her chubbiness, or maybe grew into it, in high school.

Has your child been checked recently by an endrocrinologist? Sometimes midline anomalies can extend to other areas besides the CC, so it might be worth checking out.

Best of luck to you both.