My welts are huge from Copaxone. Anyone else have this? They are like 3 inches wide.


Have you been on it long?  My welts were huge right after i started my betaseron.  My bruises are still fairly large, but i dont get the welts anymore.  My neuro told me it's due to my being fair skinned.  So if you're fair skinned that could be why.

Side note: my welts got much larger when i switched up my lotion.  So if you use body lotion try switching it and see if the welts get smaller.

Becka, That is a really good idea and no one else has suggested the lotion thing to me, so I will try it.

I am fair skinned and the welts are larger on my legs and hips than they are on my arms. The bruising is on my legs and hips, not anywhere else.