Hello All!

I’m kind of new to the group, but thought this post was very important!

I just finished getting over some very bad luck! A few weeks ago I came down with an extremely high fever. (a constant 103.) -This was SUNDAY. I had some vomiting and diahrrea, but not very much. The fever lasted a week. Two and a half hours after Tylenol or Ibuph., the fever would return.

I went to my primary doc, and they drew an extremely wide panel of blood tests. Thinking it might be a bacterial or viral infection, she gave me Bactrim. The fever continued, with major gastrointestinal problems and by the week’s end (fever for 5 days) I was exhausted and dehydrated. I went to the ER, and they admitted me for the weeked. Finally after two days, 8 bags of saline in an IV, and a stool sample, they found an organism called CRYPTOSORIDIUM. This organism lives in baby livestock feces.-Calves, foals, lambs, and piglets -puppies too. ( I had helped at a calf branding the week before.) Because I am on Methotrexate, my immune system could not fight off the organism.

When I was discharged, I went to work the following Monday, only to recieve a call from my primary doc that my West Nile Virus bloodwork came back positive. They were very worried, due to the Behcet’s that menengitis or encephalitis (brain infection and spinal cord fluid infection) were a big risk factor. There is no medication for West Nile Virus (passed by mosquitos), just rest and fluids.

To make a long story short, I am better, with no neuro side effects from the West Nile, and special meds (Alinia) took care of the Crypto. My warning to all of you that take immunosuppresant (sp) drugs is to wear bug spray this summer, and if you work with livestock, take extra precaution.

By the Grace of God, I had a mild case of West Nile, which can be deadly to those of us and others with special diseases. A good bug spray I have found works wonders is Cutter (advanced outdoorsman) with a chemical called Picaridin that works better than Deet and is odorless. There is no reason for our disease to keep us indoors, but please take care while out in the elements. I hope this has been helpful and informative.

Best Wishes,

Jamie Wall