Wham Bam!

Ever have one of those days where every single symptom hits you like a freight train? This is one of those days. It is hard enough dealing with this disease on a daily basis, but Lord, when you get whammied with all of the symptoms, you just pray you make thru the day! My brain feels like it is under attack, my balance is off, my head hurts, and i can’t think straight! (Just venting.) Spencer

I also wear a CPAP, and I call it my best friend.

If I don’t wear it, I don’t sleep…oh, and with the aid of a sleep med.

Martie In Az.

I also wear a CPAP, and I call it my best friend.

If I don’t wear it, I don’t sleep…oh, and with the aid of a sleep med.

Martie In Az.

Yep - and then there is the laundry, the dishes and other duties!

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hello, I have been away to try and get my fibrmyalgia under control . By
away I just mean being at home for a few weeks and not at work to reduce my
stress. I’ve been sleeping more .I did asleep a sleep study and needed a
c-pap. My sleep is awful I have this thing called ALPHA intusions. The
cost of the sleep medicene is 500.00 no kidding and it does not work for me!
The pain pills i have gotten are working pretty well, but i have to be
careful as they are addictive. I had to get an MRI last week for my neck and
back to rule out arthritis and blood work to rule out rheumatoid arthritis
the insurance co. doesn’t take fibromyalgia as a diagnosis. I hate all this
stuff. all the best to all of you out there suffering I have much compassion
for you and cry for you as I do formyself. I am alone and its hard to not
get depressed. I can imagine how most of you must feel, but we we have to
have faith that things will get better.I am nurse no less and I see
suffering all the time. God Bless each and everyone of you. You will feel
better soon, just don’t give up. I will try to be on line more often. love
connie L xoxo

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hi martie thanks for your response. did it take you awhile to get used to
the c-pap? I wear it for a few hours but wake up alot while wearing it . Is
that normal,do you think ? And sometimes it just bugs me cause it gets
loose and i have to reajust it. I will keep trying. I hope you can keep in
touch. tks connie ps I dont want to use sick and tired any more I’d rather
just use my name connie

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Im glad to hear that you prefer being called connie as I would think it would be depressing some to think of yourself as being “sick and tired” all the time.

“the insurance co. doesn’t take fibromyalgia as a diagnosis”

If a disease or illness IS medically recongised… do insurance co.'s even have a legal right to not believe in an illness??? Maybe you should check on this, it could be classified as discrimination!

my own brain wave states get missed up and aint right thou Ive only had ECG to assess my states while awake… but seeing they are messed up while awake (they dont go into the right state when I relax and shut my eyes), I assume they are probably messed up while Im asleep too.

I used to also have reversed sleep cycle so had chronic insomina. What fixed this symptom for me was something which is along the same lines of hypnosis which told me I would go to bed and sleep. To my amazement suddenly I found myself doing it and able to do it, rather than laying there all night awake.

The nightly insomina hasnt since come back (since I was treated by the hypnosis like thing last year) and I now sleep well at night.

So I suggest trying hypnosis… as maybe it could work for you too.

“I am alone and its hard to not
get depressed. I can imagine how most of you must feel, but we we have to
have faith that things will get better.”

connie, have you found a good FM or CFS doctor yet??? Having a good doctor who specialises in this stuff, giving one support, can make all the difference.

If not… please let me know what area you are in… and I’ll see if I can find one for you if you would like.

hello all, thanks for all the good info. I have some interesting news for
you all. I had an mri of my neck and back as ordered by my pain specialist
and lo and be hold I have two bulging disc’s C-3 and C-4 in my neck. So now
I had a cervical block last week and I have to have two more and then some
pt. and so far my pain is just about gone and we think I might not have had
fibromyalgia at all that the pain came from the bulging disc’s. I must have
had it for a long time and never knew. so keep your fingers crossed that
I’ll be better soon.loveconnie

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Wow, I hope you gat a 100% recovery with this treatment!!! Good Luck!

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thanks that would be so great, I just emailed the women who passes out all
the time. I’m very concerned about her connie

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please to all who are familier with me as connie I would like to delete sick
and tired from this site and just use my name connie,but I don’t know how to
do it,help any suggestions? tks connie

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