What About MRSA and DiGeorge?

I just received a letter from my sons preschool today stating that a staff member at the school was diagnosed with MRSA. I cringed when I saw it, for Stevie has DiGeorge Syndrome, and with that a questionable immune system. They say that they are cleaning the school according to the standards set forth with the Health authorities, but I’m not so sure I want to send him in. Has anybody had to deal with this yet? Or can anyone help me with information regarding this?

If I was in your shoes, I would be bugging his immunologist to find out his/her take on it. I would also talk to his ped. doc to find out what they think. MRSA is not something to play with it is serious and can cause grave complications. My grandma had it and she was in isolation and for a year later everytime she went in the hospital they put her in isolation to make sure she didn’t have it again. I dont want to scare you but it not like chicken pox or the flu. Check with his doctors and play it safe.

If it was my son i would keep him out for aa little bit

You can find MRSA info on the CDC website

Danny’s mom

Hi, I am new to this group.
My daughter has 22q11.2 deletion (diGeorge)
she was diagnoised at age 6. She has recently broken out with mrsa. Only one boil right now. Her brother also has had two break outs with mrsa. I was hoping she had not caught it.
It has been a month since my son had boils. He was treated with ointment and antibiotics and weekly baths with 1/4 cup bleach (doctors orders).
I am beginning the same with my daughter. I’ll keep you all up dated as to how she responds since her t-cell count is slightly lower than normal.
Powell mom to Jacob 10, Sarah 8 & 22q, and Leah 7