What are other names for gluten to watch for in ingrediant

What are other names for gluten to watch for in ingrediant lists?

wheat is obvious, also rye and barley have the gluten "protine" as well. no one 100% sure of oats though. i can tell u i have a very high sensitivity for gluten (how high?, put it this way i ended up getting my own toaster oven) and ive had irish oats on occation and been fine, irish oats arn't "rolled"so its just oats no flour, but i still wouldn't go 2 crazy w/ it.

  also watch for modified food starch, thats a wheat made product. they may also list it as food starch- modified or some scrambled mess.

**modified corn starch is ok.

  then theres carmel color (thats a barley product) its not accually carmel, most carmels are fine."carmel color is just a coloring, its in colas(coke or pepsi) rootbeer and other dark sodas and other things colored to be dark(like "fake" pancake syrups) so use 100% maple syrup.

  malt products are made from barley as well. so malt, malt flavoring, and malt syrup are all bad.(makes me mad cuz i loved malted milk duds) if you are new to the gluten free diet ill tell you the number one rule to fallow that i learned the hard way.-- ****check every thing!!! food drink candy gum medicine, everything!!