What are symptoms for Agenesis Of Corpus Callosum?

What are symptoms for Agenesis Of Corpus Callosum?

The range of effects of ACC is very broad. There can be physical, medical, cognitive, social, and/or behavioral effects ranging from almost imperceptible to severe. Most children experience some delays, from mild to significant, in speech, motor skills, feeding, social skills, behavior, and/or cognitive areas. Some show up right away, while others may take longer to manifest. Other folks may only find out about their diagnosis incidentally to another problem as adults; usually they only have mild social or perhaps behavioral issues.

My story is similar. Found out my son had this abnormility when I was pregnant. However, he is now 16 and is at a grade 1 level. His speech is barely understandable, needless to say, there are many , many other problems.

To answer your question, I knew he had problems from the get go. Mom's intuition I guess. His eyes were the main factor. They were odd, like there was an emptiness in them. He would often just be in daze. Then all his milestones were late and speech never developped. From my what I've been told, seizure is usually at the top of the symptom list. Luckily I don't have to deal with that.

Some people have ACC and never have problems.

Based on my understanding, symptoms are wide ranging. My son was diagnosed through ultrasound while my wife was pregnant with him. He had a CT to verify when he was born. So far he has been without any notable symptoms...Praise be to God! We were told it could be anywhere from no symptoms at all to some learning disabilities, to seizure disorder. We were told that typically the more severe symptoms are when ACC is associated with other disorders. Hope this helps a little.