What are Treatments for Dyslexia?

What have you found to be the best treatments for Dyslexia? Please share your treatment experiences with the community.

Growing up in the 60s I tried practically every method to fix the problem of being profoundly dyslexic, including learning braille. Which did bring me from a second grade reading ability to a seventh grade reading ability, using braille. Basically leaping out of the frying pan(dyslexic) into the fire(needing braille to read). 1997 I began using assistive technology computer assisted reading, and dictation for all of my writing. 2005 I earned my bachelor degree from Humboldt State, cum laude. All of the time I wasted trying to fix an issue instead of moving forward with a life and a career. I plead to you not to put your children through this hell Of trying to fix the problem. Give them the technology/prosthesis and enable them to fully realize their potential. You would not tell someone who needed a wheelchair to keep practicing running. Conveying to them they are somehow a lesser person because their body does not function like others, is what is actually crippling. Accommodations Rather Than Remediation!