What can i do?


Hello Nick,

From what was explained to me and what I have read, the ulcers and sores are part of the disease. There are medicines that reduce them, but you cannot prevent it on your own. If they are bothersome and you want to try to control them, talk to your dermatologist or rheumatologist.

They are bothersome to me too and in August, I will be trying to control them. You have to decide, though, if the potential side-effects of the drugs are worth it. I am going to give it a go because they effect how I look and speak. They are distracting to me and must be to others.

Anyone else have something to add? I also have wondered about food avoidance and other control methods since I have not to this point tried to control it since we found out most likely they were not herpes (Zovirax and Valtrex doesn’t work unless they are herpes).

Have a happy day!!


Hi Nick,
You asked if there were any tips for mouth ulcers. I’m assuming you mean other that the medications you are taking.
My dentist gave me the following tips both to care for my teeth and gums when I have ulcers and what to avoid to try and prevent ulcers.

1.avoid alcohol…this means in mouthwash too.
2. avoid citrus and citrus products.
3. avoid acidic foods and products (tomatos, spaghetti sauce, pizza, etc.)
4. use a toothpaste for dry mouth. I use Tom’s toothpaste for dry mouth (fennel and apricot flavors), Biotene sensitive toothpaste with complete dry mouth protection, and also Biotene dry mouth toothpaste.(this has an antibacterial enzyme system to protect your gums). Be sure that fluoride is in the toothpaste.
5. Use a mouthwash. Brands I have used are: biotene, Tom’s mouthwash for dry mouth, and Oasis.
6. chew sugarless gum.
7. I cary Oasis spray moistening gel to use when I can’t take water with me.
8. Sip water as much as possible.
9. Floss, floss, floss. The dry mouth allows plaque to build up in a hurry.
10. use an electric toothbrush.
11. I’ve been prescribed Mile’s Magic Mouthwash and gel lidocaine (this I only use as a last resort)
12. I’ve heard that Ora gel helps and I’m going to try that too.

Now, being human I do on rare occasion have an adult beverage and I will also have spaghetti and pizza now and then and once I finish I make sure to floss, brush, and swish my mouth!

That’s how I’m dealing with my sores. I hope this was helpful.


Besides acidic food (i love salt & vinegar chips), I read that peanut butter actually is really bad for mouth ulcers. The worst one I ever experienced was actually from a sharp tortilla chip that cut my tonsil when I was swallowing. A few days later, I had an ulcer develop on my tonsil that stayed for almost 2 weeks. Needless to say, I was in pain everytime i ate or swallowed at all. Moral of the story, if you have a cut from anything in your mouth, make sure you rinse well or else it can turn into an ulcer i think.

Thanks, that was very helpful!