What do I think?

I am seeking and hoping to find any information about ovarian and cervical cancer. After a pap, my results showed atypical glandular cells, squamous cells, severe case of inflammation, and vaginosis. My obgyn scheduled an appointment for me to have a colposcopy and endometrial biopsy two weeks later. After the procedure she stated that she had to double up on the samples, she saw a few abnormal areas and also saw some lesions higher up the cervical canal. The walls are also very thick. Prior to doing this, I had a transvaginal ultra sound and a ct scan that showed my uterus is enlarged,bilateral cystic changes in the ovaries and thickening of the bowel loops were identified. I have no clue what that means. there was no sign of HPV.
If anyone knows or is experiencing, has experienced this please share your experience with me, I am out of my wits. Got to go in ont he 14 June for the results of the Biopsy.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you