What do you know about bad breath and TMAU

Hello everyone,
I would really like to collect as much information as I can on bad breath and TMAU to see whether my bad breath is TMAU-related. I remember reading several times before that bad breath is released only in sweat, urine, and saliva. My bad breath comes from my nose and mouth, so if it was TMAU-related I could only naturally assume that TMAU odors would also have to be released through the lungs.

For those knowledgeable about TMAU and those who actually have bad breath from TMAU can you please answer the following questions as best as possible: What kind of odor is produced (please be specific)? Do you have other TMAU-related symptoms? Does the smell also come out of your nose? Do you ever detect a smell on your tongue? Is the odor pretty much constant or does it come and go? What kind of reactions do you get? What else can you tell me about bad breath and TMAU that may be helpful in my objective?

I hope to hear for you all soon.
Thank you for your time.

Twilight: Yes, I have the same “problem.” bb from my nose and mouth, Sorry to tell you, I am 65 and have had this since I was young…meaning third grade! Not sure if it was because I stuck a garden pea up my nose that year or if I have TMAU because I have the urine too if I eat certain foods. I try to follow the low chlorine diet. But that doesn’t help 100%. I brush, floss my teeth, scrap my tongue morning, noon and night! Also, clean my nose every morning with a neti pot wash, gargle with Oasis rinse for dry mouth. I chew a lot of Stride gum when I am not at home to do the other routine.

I didn’t know until the internet was available for research that it was I who was casting out the smell. I always thought it was someone else! The only encouragement I can give you is to move ahead and live your life the best to your ability. I am still trying to find a Dr. who will take my situation seriously…I did have a good profession career and do have lots of friends. So you can live an out going life. It is a drag but you can…Here is the link to the food chart on chlorine http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/Data/Choline/Choline.pdf

I do take chlorophyll tablets and zinc. Doesn’t help!

They have some chlorophyll tablets that are suppose to be good. I
would start with those. Hang in there.


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Thank you so much! You are the only person who sent me a link to the diet;
I appreciate it very much.


Try rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide. I started brushing my teeth
with baking soda and rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, at any drug store,
brown bottle to whiten teeth based on a friends suggestion .Do Not Swallow.
When I have rinsed my mouth with it, people do not step away. It is an oral
debriding agent. You can get it at Walmart. It cost 90cents. I was amazed.

I’ve tried that also no relief.I’m smelled like mole.I’m not sure what will help at this point.

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I have found that TheraBreath chewing gum helps some. You can find it on
the internet.