What do you think?

I am 10.5 wks pregnant and went to the ER 4 days ago for bleeding and cramping. Among other problems, via u/s they found a complex mass in the region of the left overy measuring 2.4x1.7x1.9 that does not appear cystic. There is no free pelvic fluid. My right overy measured 1.9x1.9x1.7 with 3 cc. my left overy measured 3.0x3.6x1.8 with 10.1 cc. (copied all that from radiology report) I see my OB next Tuesday and have another u/s next Wednesday (My Ob wants another u/s) . Baby is good with heartrate of 161 and moving everywhere. I am 30 years old and a neuroblastoma stage IV survivor. Other finding include an anteverted uterus and subchronic hematoma. I just want to know everyone’s honest thoughts and what to expect. I have lived through cancer before, so if I have to, I’ll survive again. I have a 2 year old little boy and a 7 yr old mini-diva that is going to make me!

Dear Blonde Attack:

I am so sorry you are going through this. As a mother of 2 young children, ages 4 and 5, as well as the daughter of a mother who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year, as well as a physician (Anesthesiologist), I would encourage you to “push” your OB to get to the bottom of this. If s/he stalls or you are not satisfied with his/her response, I would take things into my own hands and get a second opinion with a gyn/onc. You can even ask your OB who he uses and you can say it is just for “peace of mind” or you can say “you have a friend who’s an Anesthesiologist with a mother with ovarian cancer and she recommended a consult with a gynecologic oncologist.” Also, there are web sites from the national society of gyn/oncs, where you can put in your zip code and it will come up with a list of gyn/oncs in your area. Also, I am a member of a very active ovarian cancer online group through ACOR (have you heard of ACOR?), with over 1300 members and I am sure I could find someone in your area who knows a good gyn/onc. Being a cancer survivor, I’m sure you know there is nothing wrong with a second opinion. In my mother’s case, I wasn’t 100% content with her gyn/onc, so I got 4 second opinions, 2 of them at top notch out of state cancer institutions (maybe I am a bit obsessive), but I am glad I got all of those opinions and I happily paid the doctor’s bills for peace of mind. Good luck, be PROACTIVE and feel free to E-mail me.

Wendy, daughter of Eloyce

Hello Wendy,

I received your email to Blonde Attack in my mailbox, and wanted to respond
to it. As one having rec’d a Stage 3c ovarian cancer diagnosis post full
hysterectomy in February, I can relate to the value of a second, 3rd, 4th or
however many opinions an individual needs for there self-assurance. I also sought
wisdom from many, respected holistic practitioners, which has gone much further
for me in aiding in my recovery.

While caving to fear mongering with regard to chemo, I relented, receiving
what was tantamount to one session, which made me sicker than a dog, and caused
a 22 lb. weight loss and severe dehydration in 3 weeks. After making the
decision not to go back, fast forward 10 weeks and working with a well respected
natural doctor, I’m feeling fantastic and coming up with positive test results.

Chemo is NOT for everyone, and after reading about what it does to the body,
and possibly for many years after the last administration, I feel confident in
my path. The body is a natural organism, craving the ability to heal using
its own wisdom.

For those who do choose chemo, I believe your wisdom in seeking additional
opinions from gyn-ocs is very wise. If a person seeks an integrative approach,
I’ve heard that the Block Cancer Center in Chicago is an excellent hospital.
It is owned/run by an oncologist, but one who doesn’t use the ‘one size fits
all’ approach when it comes to caring for each of his patients. He uses a
myriad of very healing approaches in addition to the orthodox approach, in
addition to designing a ‘body empowering’ diet.


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Hi Jennifer,

How did you find your natural doctor (s)?

Thank you

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