What does one do about breathlessness and feeling like one isnt getting enough oxygen

I sometimes get breathless with exertion and on a couple of occassions have been almost gasping for breath.

Yesterday was aweful as there was several periods yesterday (and I wasnt doing anything to exert myself at all) in which I felt like I wasnt getting enough air. I was worried as I knew if it got any worst I would of paniced (and hence made the situation even worst). This symptom was only going after I’d layed down for quite a while (a couple of hrs). I know this is just another a symptom of CFS but was wondering what people do about it???

I actually yesterday thought about going to the doctors and asking if I can hire an oxygen tank to hook myself up too. Would that help fix the feeling that one isnt getting enough oxygen???
(I dont know if I was actually deprived of oxygen in some way or not… I didnt appear blue…but I truely felt as if I wasnt getting enough and I dont think it was cause I was having a panic attack… it was the not being able to breath properly which brought in some anxiety).

I think that the anxiety/trouble breathing can go hand in hand. I have experienced it a couple of times, its kind of freaky :(. Usually i can just calm myself down and my breathing returns to normal soon after.

If it happens to you when you get up, thats something to do with low blood preassure i think, try standing/getting up a little slower, i have this problem sometimes.