What Foods are Bad for Choline?

Does anyone have a list of foods high in Choline that was given to them by their Doctor? I have searched the internet for the best information but find it to be different on each site I come across, so if you have been advised by your Doctor pease can you give me a list? Is there any Cheese that is not high in Choline and if so how low is it? At the momment I avoid anything from a pod ie; peas or beans, eggs, offal, nuts, corn, soya, fish, wheat, dairy products and green vegetables. Any help is welcomed thanx!!

I found this list and it is very helpful:



most meats, milk, eggs, dark green veggies

Meats, particularly liver, dairy, soy, fish and shellfish, whole grains, all
nuts except almonds. I can do higher fat beef with no symptoms, at least
85%. No aged cheeses, no eggs EVER. Most fruits are great, and most
vegetables except for the dark green ones are fine. No asparagus, broccoli,
spinach, dark leafy stuff, onions, etc. MINIMAL garlic doesn’t bother me.

I noticed some people said lettuce is bad. I though the dark leafy kind is bad but iceburg maybe ok. What do you think?