What foods can I eat

what foods can I eat

Wish I could tell you what foods you can eat. I am new to this and I don’t know much about it yet. Maybe someone out there can help us both. Good Luck
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 ive been diagnosed and on the diet for 2 years this july. your questions kind of a hard one to answer cuz there isn't realy a strait answer for it. the best thing i can tell you is check everything!! look for...

wheat, rye, barley, oats (especially rolled oats), modified food starch{made from wheat} (also found as... food starch-modified, modified starch-food) carmel color{made from barley}, malt, malt flavoring, and malt syrup{all als made from barley}.

if any of the above are in the ingrediant list don't eat it!!

***also some imporntant advice (i learned the hard way), recheck things every time you buy a new one, food and drink manufactures can and will change or add ingredients with no warning what so ever (i hate them with a passion!!!)

***also imporntant is some products list allergy warnings at the bottom of the list if you don't see gluten check the list anyway, the one and only time not to check is if it says gluten free or no gluten ingredients spicificaly.

***lastly your biggest enemy is cross contamination. what is it? well heres some ex. someone butters thier wheat bread then u use the same butter on your (once was) gluten free bread. or you go out to eat and order fries only they were fried in the same oil as breaded chicken.

**now that dosn't mean you cant order fries it means dont be afraid to ask questions if waitress dosnt know theyre happy to go ask kitchen for you, beleive it or not theyve usually encountered the condition before.

*ps  --  mc donals fries are ok (as long as its an accuall mc donalds resturant not one shoved in the corner of a walmart or the mall,cuz they have less friers to use) 

**good luck and if it helps, this does get easier.