What makes you in awe

   What makes you in awe

    We've all been supporting each other with our different topics about breast cancer. But let's just take a moment to think about something that when you see, or hear. Something thatmakes your heart skips a beat and you just stop and listen and watch. You think to your self their's nothing better than this. In this momnent I want to be right here, right now.  You just stand their in awe. Watching or listing or both. It could a sun set or a sun rise. It could be any thing. 

   Mine is A team of Clydesdayle Horse's in a parade, the sound of thier hoofs hitting the pavement.


Right now, in this place that I am it would have to be the way that my family has rallied around me to see me through every step of the way.  There are so many people that run the other direction and never look back.  But not mine.  They make sure someone is there at all times.  It is amazing.  I am the luckest person in the world.  I am in awe at the love that feels me on the inside and spills out. 


I love getting up early on a Sunday morning and sitting on my front porch just listening to the birds sing.  I always want to just capture that time and bottle it.  Its so peaceful and tranquil.  I love the peace and quiet as I sit in awe of the beauty of nature.

There is nothing better then sitting in the back yard with a light breeze watching my children play and hearing their laughter. Each and everyday I watch them my heart fills up with this enormous love and peaceful feeling. They are my reason to fight:)


Good question, blu.  For me, it is watching the birds that visit all of our feeders. I have a big picture window that looks out on a very private backyard.  I can sit in my recliner on my bad days, watch the goldfinches, cardinals, blue birds and others fly up and down and around. I also have hummingbirds that are so used to us, that they will actually flit around us when we are around the feeder. 

I enjoy them so much that I have named them. Mama and Papa Cardinal. Heathcliff and Gertrude mouning doves. Bully is the name of the hummingbird for no Apache helicopter has ever been in such a fierce battle as two hummingbirds. Sorry I could ramble on and on. Such simple pleasures. . . those are the best.



~AWE~ so many things make me shiver with delight .I once saw a sunset that was spectacular. It was etched around the clouds in hot pink, and the clouds were light blue and powder pink. It was a masterpiece.
Watching the Scottish pipers on parade with thier heads held high, the boom of the big drums and the bagpipes.
Watching the children dressed in white , carrying candles to the alter on Confirmation day.
Watching our young soldiers go off to war to protect us at home and to keep our country safe.I,m in awe of thier bravery and pray for their safety.
Watching the light in a baby’s eyes when they look at you with joy and love.
Watching the Senior Class recieve thier diplomas ,seeing thier joy and yet you knowing how innocent they are.
Watching a senior couple who obviously are still in love and show it. Warm Hugs, gramms

I’m in awe at the first signs of spring. The warm sun hitting my face, not having to wear a coat. The leaves on my lilac bush uncurling with life each day a little more. The sparrows on the ground dancing to their own song. As Iwalk my gardens alll of the plants are peeping up through the earth reaching tword the warming sun.
enjoy spring. Blu