What meds?

I am on 100mg of Lyrica 3 times a day for my TN and though it helps the pain in my face and neck, it does not take away that pain in my teeth and my jawline. My doc refuses to give any pain meds to me so far, so I have taken my bro’s pain meds just to see if this would help and the combination of Lyrica and percocet have helped me tremendosly. I return to my doc on Mon and I don’t know how to convince him to give me new meds( I would like to try neurontin as well) b/c he said I would get addicted to pain meds.I myself don’t want to be addicted but I do want some pain relief, though I was diagnosed 8 weeks ago, this TN started last June. I ready for relief. What I am wondering is how many people take not only a nerve med but combine this with some type of pain med to relief their pain? I know some people say that pain meds can not help this condtion but everyone is diff and it helps me. I’d love to read ur responses. THANKS!

I just sent a reply on another e-mail. I have atypical Tn. The teeth and
jawline for me are the worst. I DO combine Percocet, oxycontin,& Lyrica &
Pamalor. I get some relief. I still have pain, but it is so much better with
the pain meds. Stick up for yourself. If your Dr. won’t give them to you go
to another. I’m not worried about addiction, I’m just happy to have some
relief. I’m willing to try any thing else as well. I may got the
chiropractor root. Anyway, I’ve written way to much. :slight_smile: Beth

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My facial pains do include teeth pain. I swear when it is bad I feel like all the teeth are abcessed. Sometimes I use toothgel for sensitive teeth. It helps numb the area a bit. I also use oxycodone.
Over the years my pains have become more and more bazaar. I think as the lining around the trigeminal nerve wears away the worse things become.

I have been diagonosed with TN and Atypical TN. My newest neurologist believes it is TN. I went to a site through I believe it is the univerisity of Oregon. It gives a questionnaire for type 1 tn and type 2 which is basically TN and ATN. Each time I have filled out the questionnaire it comes back as TN.

I belong to a local support group through the trigeminal neuralgia association. I believe I am the only one in the group with these strange and bazaar symptoms. Most everyone have been helped with surgial procedures. I had gamma knife four years ago but it was not successful.

I know how awful the tooth pain can be. I swear sometimes I feel like I am getting electrical current running through all my teeth.

I no longer react thinking a tooth is bad. I wait it out before seeing the dentist. When the pain goes away I know it is not the tooth.

Keep trying to find a doc to give you pain meds. As someone mentioned in an earlier post that a pain clinic can be a good path to take for meds. Unfortunately so many doctors are afriad to give narcotics for chronic pain. They just are not educated in the use of narcotoics and are afraid of getting into trouble with the government for abuse of narcotics. This attidude is a crime on patients with chronic pain.

my best to you, Cheryl P

I am a patient advocate with the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association. For
10 years I have researched a new diet therapy that stops TN pain by limiting
saturated fat. Not all fats. Just the excessive saturated fat in the American
diet. I made a presentation on the history and effectiveness of this diet at
TNA’s 2004 National Conference at the Disney World Resort. To try this diet, email your mailing address to frank@sokolitz.com or call 248-642-7235 for an eight-page report with diet instructions, the diet’s history, testimonials, and the amount of saturated fat in 140 foods.

If you have typical TN and are currently in pain, or would be in pain if you
stopped medication, I would like you to consider enrolling in a study I am conducting to establish the efficacy of this diet.

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Have had another attack this time ebbing and waining with pain from 3 to 9. Am now on lyrica 75 twice a day and a script for percocet 5/325 every 8. Have taken the lyrica again and waited over an hour without relief and took 2 percocet as know from yesterday one didn’t work. Am shocked at the amount of medication but damn it hurts.