What really works

I’ve tried about everything and have to deal with cravings. Can’t seem to find the discipline to make any program work.

For Cravings…Don’t ignore them…if you crave say…Chocolate…get
the TINY chocolate bars and put them in the freezer…and when the urge
hits…eat ONE. Sometimes the more you ignore a craving…the worse it
gets …til you go crazy eating that craving…that you crave…Feed
it the Crave…but just a little. :slight_smile:

Carla :slight_smile:

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How long have you tried to deal with the cravings? It takes about two weeks for your cravings to go away and even then every now and then you will still have one once in a while. That’s how it was for me and I was the biggest junk food junkie EVER. I learned to eat healthy and deal with it. It really made me feel better about myself. If you get a craving, ignore it and grab a bag of baby carrots and chow on them for a bit. I quit smoking and I find the similarities with losing weight and quitting smoking. It’s all about will power and dedication. You have to be in the mind state. Once you get there it’s still hard, but it’ll get easier.

Good luck!

I agree with ajswifey… It is very simular to quitting smoking. But smoking is easier actually because its something you can stay away from. I do just that, stay as far away from sweets, breads, and pasta’s as possible. And just like she said, If you can get passed the first two weeks without them your life gets easier from cravings, your will power kicks in because you can look at your progress and feel the difference healthwise… But I can never get passed the 2 weeks, even knowing what a difference it makes. Its quite an addiction!