What should I do...?

Hi,I am a 19 years old student which is in Hong Kong studying at form6

I have a bn on my right shoulder,commonly,people do not see it.recently,I discover that a girl is paying attention to me because she have know that I love her.She is the girl who is I love her for two years…but owing to my bn,I failed to express my love for two years…

I feel that she may have some good feeling on me,but I am afraid that she will be disappointed if she know about my bn…so I am to be in a dilemma between to elude or to get close to her.Originally to experience love should be sweet,but now I just got pain…

She is a really beautiful girl,I love her but I won’t do anything to hurt her…

My English standard is not very good,but hope all of you can understand what I say.

I think you should get to know this girl. Express your interest in her, and
find out what common interests you share. Of course you should ask her out
to a nice restaurant, and order a very nice dinner, then tell her how you
feel about her. If she shares your feelings, she will respond. You do not
have to show her the bn immediately, that would be weird. Just let yourself
act naturally, and don’t even mention it. She will see it soon enough, just
let her notice it in the normal course of getting to know you. If YOU do
not make a “big deal” out of it, she will probably not consider it so
Best of wishes to you.

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Thank you ames!

But I always think about what will she feel if she see my drawback…
I am dread to imagine if we started to love,then she ask me to go swimming with her!Every time I think about it,I loss my confidence expeditiously.

Hi Wolven,
As we have been writing alot lately on other post, this is one of the main concerns about having a Becker’s Naevus. I think Ames is offering the best advice available, but as a Becker’s Naevus sufferer myself, I can totally relate to the emotional problems you are going through, just like everybody else with a Becker’s naevus. It is one of those things that is hidden, until the important things come along. You kind of go about life like everybody else, but subconsciously dread any time that you have to take your clothes off i.e. swimming, health checks, meeting the opposite sex.
Noone seems to have come up with a good anwer. All I can say is good luck and hope for the best. Build up the courage to let her know, rather than let her think that you are not interested in her. If it isn’t meant to be, then at least you will know, rather wonder what if all of your life?!
Good luck!

I’ve had this going on with my top right shoulder since i was 17 I’m 26 now and when i first met my wife , when we were dating i was extremely embarrassed about it, i wouldn’t take off my shirt at all , not only with her but at any public place. now she’s my wife and she gets mad when i say i want to shave it off , so i can relate with y’all. my wife looks at it like a special , i do too. its funny i use to think i was the only one, and it was a sacred thing