When to go to the Doctor?

I am new to this site my brother who is 28 years old has been diagnosed with Addison’s. He was very sick and lost over 40 pounds and when my parents made him go to the doctor, we where told that he was with in hours of dying. he was in a full Addison’s crisis. That was April of 2007 he was last at the doctor in October and does not go back till this October. He started last week with a sore throat and now has an ear infection his ear is all swollen his face is puffy and looks really tan when he has not been out side much this summer.

My mother went into his room and found his medicine bottles empty they were last filled on May 20th so it has now been a month since he has had his medicine. How long can you go with out? I did not think he could and should he just stop taking them all at once? I am so worried about him like I said he is 28 has no job, does not seem like he cares about anything. Is this normal with this disease? Should we get him to a doctor now? My parents do not need this right now both of my grandmother are having health problems. We were told that my father mother does not have long to live. I am afraid that with the stress of that is not helping him. Should he be doubling his meds? I am not sure what he is on and how much. If you have any information for me or web sites I can go to please let me know. I love my brother to much, I want to make sure he is taking care of himself. I sometimes wonder if he is not depressed.

Thanks for letting me rattle on please reply back if you have any questions or have any information for me.
Thanks again,
Worried sister in Ohio

hi yes i think you should be worried i have only recently been diagnosed but i do know he shouldnt stop taking any of his medication and as for the depression that comes along with addisons. he could and probably is going into crisis if i were you i would get the doctor to him i hope all works out for you all .it is very hard to deal with i know coz i’m finding it very difficult and if it wasnt for very special friends and family i dont know where i would be.i wish you all the best
god bless

mgano addisons-cpt9853@lists.careplace.com wrote:

Yes, take him to a doctor if not the ER. Hopefully this situation has resolved itself by now in a positive way for you. i don’t know about the depression, but not taking one’s meds is a great way to self destruct.