Where is everyone?

I thought for sure there would be at least a few post in here... I've read in other forums about my of us that have fibro..

I've had a bad flare up the past few weeks not sure if its the weather going back and forth or just stress...

My legs ache sooooo bad at night I just lay there and wiggle .. I can't take pain meds so other than heating pads I just have to deal with it..

You know they said light exercise but when you hurt so darn bad who wants to get up and make it worse...

I'm in such a brain fog I gave my daughter a mothers day card for her birthday*L* Now thats bad...

Well at least we both laughed about it..

Well I am here and I am a member of so many groups pertaining to Fibro . You are lucky that at least you have a husband. I am divorced and alone . Very depressing when I am laying in bed and on one is here to help me with anything. Blair

i think the two worse things about fibro besides pain is the fibro fog and the lack of understanding on family members and friends. see blair sometimes it doesnt matter if u have somone to share it with…cuz they dont understand anyway! fibro fog scares me these days as its getting worse and worse! well thats my two cents worth anyway. love and peace lorial

I just joined and I have Fibro and Sjorgrens and a bunch of other stuff.

My legs ache so much I want to gnaw them off. I also have peripheral neuropathy and my feet burn like you wouldn’t believe.

Hello everyone. I have fibro also. My knees are so bad lately I can barely stand some days. My shoulders won’t allow me to carry a laundry basket. I was recently dx’ed. What is this fibro fog you are talking about? I get extremly exhausted from my other ailments(crohn’s, bipolar, depression, and anxiety), but I’ve never heard of fibro fog. Can anyone explain it to me?


Fibromyalgia fog is when you can’t think clearly, you feel like you’re in a fog. I’m in a fog all the time along with the body aches. Today the migraine has shown itself.

Jali so wisely said:

Oh…I get that all the time. I thought it was from the exhaustion. Thank you for clarifying. I get a lot of migraines too. They suck, don’t they?

hi, im kat…
i also have fibro, as for about 2 or 3 weeks i have been havin alot of problems w/my feet and ankles. starts out fine in the mornings after i get goin, but the more and longer that im up on them, they swell up and i can hardly walk or stand on them by the end of the day. doc put me on water pills thinkin i was just retainin water, but they r not helpin. idk. it gets pretty bad when by supper time, im askin hubby to cook and get the youngest off to bed. or to help me up from a sittin position and im only 36. idk what to do. i want to start a small and light walkin regimin, but i have to get these feet, ankles and legs to feel better first. well i hope everyone has a good day.

take care all,

I have a brain fog, most of the time. As I said before, I dont know if I have fibro, Mother has it. I dont know if my brain fog is from fibromuscular dysplasia or FM. Sometimes I think I have a brain problem as well.

Hi! I’m Dori and I too have fibro along with ACC and arthritis and bakc pain as well. I have read the posts from the last several days from some of you and wonder if what I’m doing might help you as well. My legs ache too, and so my doc prescribed thigh length TED hose for me to wear when it gets really bad. I didn’t think it would work, but by then we had tried hyalgan ijnections, cortisione, anti inflammatories you name it, so I tried it and, IT REALLY HELPS!! I wore them the first day for about 6 hours and even by that night I no longer suffered with the burning pains that came usually in the evening/midnight! It was the first night’s sleep in a LONG TIME. I know you all can relate to that. I’m not saying it’s a cure, but it helps to reduce swelling and pain and I was able to walk without my crutches which for me is a BIG DEAL!
Best of luck and if you try this let me know if it helps you.

I didnt realize that FM affected legs so much. My mom had swelled ankles. One ankle she broke a year ago and it still has pins in it, it swells all the time. The other day, I saw that she had both ankles swelled and thought maybe she was retaining water. But maybe it is the fibro. Thank you for your info, all info helps.
hugs, GG