Where is the closest support group for ACC to Hubbardton Vermont?

I am looking for support group close to where we live can you help me find one

While I am not from Vermont, sadly there are not many in person support groups for ACC. There are ones for autism and cerebral palsy… depending what kind of symptoms your child or loved one displays. I would try contacting your local board of disabilities to see what types of local support groups there are. There may just be a general one which you can rely on! I am fortunate to have met a family on my own at my son’s therapist office who displays the same symptoms as my son, and when I saw her I had to ask her mom. She said, it is really rare and you probably haven’t hear of it before, but she has ACC! I was so happy I was like a little kid! We are now very close and the kids refer to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend! Also, I know it may seem like you are prying but when you are at therapist offices, strike up conversations with others, and see what conditions they are dealing with. There are other people who are trying to reach out too! I actually find talking to the other parents in the therapist offices a relief. I know that I am not the only one dealing with these kinds of things! Good Luck and God Bless!