Where should I go next?


Looking for opinions.

I went to my post-op surgical visit today. I have had more pain since yesterday and felt bad. At the visit today my temp was 99.6 and my BP was 130/90. The nurse said “you must be working on getting a cold”. I thought to myself “nope I am having a flare” I knew I was feverish last night and mentioned it to my husband. Anyway… pathology of my gall bladder showed NOTHING. I knew that too. He told me to follow-up with my Pancreatic specialist at the University of Cincinnati. I am now not sure what I should do.

Should I go back to my panc doc and let him do the ERCP with manometry or should I look into going to Mayo or some other clinic?? I am at a loss for what to do.

In one way I feel like I need to dive this doc a chance to do the ERCP because I have never had one. In another way I feel like I might get better attention somewhere else. That being said, we are struggling financially right now and can’t really afford to travel to Mayo or anywhere else for that matter. So UC might win just because of that. Also I don’t even know if our insurance would cover anything else.

What are your thoughts. I would appreciate any suggestions. Also could you post links to any suggestions of other docs, please. I need as many ways for info as I can get. Thanks guys


I’m so sorry for your dilema. I don’t have an answer as I’m currently looking for a solution to a similar situation. All I can offer to you is to keep you in my prayers and thoughts.


My instincts would tell you to consult with the doctors constantly mentioned : Freeman and Sutherland. However, insurance and traveling comes in to play. If you have confidence in your doctor and/or pan.specialist, then he (they) is the guy you need to dance with for awhile. If not, call one of these guys. I believe they are at U of Minn. Someone will chime in and tell us.

As far as the gall bladder- I had mine out years ago and it sure didn’t prevent me from getting CP… What can I say?

I am so sorry that you are going through this! I am hoping the pain will subside and you will be able to relax a bit. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other advise. I am sure others can guide you on this one.

Sending love to you,


Well I don’t think at this point I can go to see Dr. Freeman or anyone else in MN. My insurance will not cover it. I am kinda sad about that. My mother suggested we do some fund raisers to earn that money, but I feel like I need to stick with UC Pancreatic Clinic for now due to the insurance covering it. I will be calling soon, maybe tomorrow. I am having a flare. It is mild but food is causing pain. I just took a percocet and I am going to sleep. I guess I will be requesting the ERCP since that was my panc doc’s only other option.

I will let you know when I can get into the Panc. clinic.

pain free days to you all,


Sorry to hear about your setback. You did the right thing by having the GB out because it can very well be a contributing factor. My opinion is to stick with what the insurance company pays for. That having been said, you should also pursue having them cover the Mayo clinic. I can help you with that, it is what I did for 12 years in homecare. However, your doctor has to be willing to do some extra legwork, which many are not willing to do. Keep good thoughts and many prayers for a pain free day.




Can your doctor consult with Dr. Freeman via phone on computer? That might be the answer-
Just a thought.

So sorry you are in pain.

Sending love to you,