Will my bloating go away after surgery?


My surgery is next week, and I’m so upset about how bloated I am that I can’t eat. Will the bloat go away after the surgery? Also, everyone keeps telling me that everyone they know with similiar CA125 scores to mine were in advanced stages & they’re scaring the hell out of me! Also, has essiac tea worked for anyone? My husband’s friend wants me to try it. Any ideas??



try www.acor.org. That’s a great forum with lots of support, too.



Hello –

Do you have ovarian cancer? I did, and my surgery was in February. The
bloat will not go away immediately, as your tummy will have to heal, and it is
major surgery, make no mistake. Please take your time to heal, and don’t think
you can rush the process.

I was severely bloated before my diagnosis, too, and no one EVER told me it
could be a sign of cancer. I thought it was merely a part of going through

Please don’t listen to people trying to scare you, sweetie. You MUST join a
support group, and be in touch with very positive, health-minded people. A
lot of people have their opinions, but they are just that…OPINIONS.
It is a must you don’t listen to the doomsayers.

I am getting through this, with a lot of my own prayer, the prayers of others
and by changing my lifestyles habits, which I also encourage you to do. If
you would like to continue communicating, I’ll tell you some of the things I’ve
done that may help you. But you must be willing to embrace change, or the
cancer will return. I can tell you how to set up the internal environment
within your body to discourage that from happening.

Where do you live? What is your age? MOST OF ALL, HANG IN THERE; YOU HAVE

Jennifer in CO.

See what’s free at



By the way, the Essiac tea will NOT hurt you, so by all means, try it. Using
natural means to support the body IS the only way to go with this kind of
thing. You simply cannot go back to your old lifestyle eating/habits, if they
were bad.

I would also encourage you to look up Dr. Neil Barnard, who is supposed to be
an expert, advocate and pioneer in the field of cancer.

See what’s free at http://www.aol.com.



I have lost 165 lbs., and kept it off- I can DO change. I train horses (dressage), and feel so powerless because my body isn’t cooperating. I am so scared I won’t ever be in my previous physical condition again- I’ve worked so hard. That’s why I’m so upset- I’m a control freak and I CAN’T control this.



I’m 43 & live in Ohio (but I’m from Oregon). I am definitely interested in dietary stuff for this. I don’t do much in the way of processed foods (this has been a big help to my son w/ severe ADHD). I am allergic to wheat gluten and don’t do dairy well, either. I live for my glass of red wine every night, and do lots of green veggies & lean meat- I really try to steer clear of simple carbohydrates and “empty calories”. I lost all my weight doing Atkins. The Essiac tea sounds promising, but I’m not sure about it- I need to read more on it. I have had some very angry moments since my diagnosis & I’ve had a hard time developing any peace about this situation, but I’m trying.



OK, I’m new to this but really want to get invoplved in tis on-line community. I have gone to support groups in my otwn, but I was the only person there that didn’t have breast cancer!! I was diagnosed on 1-15-17 and had a hard tummy too, it felt like I was pregnant because it was hard and large. My regualr Dr thought I was pregnant!!! (I’m 44 and THAT was scary!!!) My CA125 was a 65, not too alarming, but when I was opened up, both had it on them. One also busted and spilled everywhere and the other was already leaking. ICK. I wasn’t staged becuase no one felt there wasn cancer and I have a bikini cut. Anyway I did the taxol and cesplatin in the belly and the chest. I finished chemo on June 4th and get all my test results back on Wed., please say a little prayer!! STI85



Thanks, & I’ll keep you in my prayers. I just feel so freaked out that my clothes don’t even fit (glad I’m not pregnant, though), I guess I’ll pick up some maternity-type tops for the long haul, though. You’re right about the support groups, though- I can only find them for breast cancer. I am having really bad nightmares about the cancer growing so fast the doctors can’t cut it out because it won’t stop spreading & I know I need some help to cope with this. My husband doesn’t even want to address it or talk about it. This sucks. I have this awful summer cold, so my surgery’s been delayed another week. I hope it goes by quickly!



I’ve gotta tell you, I was a MAJOR control freak before all of this. 480 sit ups a night, 80 push ups, I know where you’re coming from!!! After my surgery I am numb where they cut. All of my muscle was cut so I am not tight anymore either. I have a port in my tummy and was not able to execise during chemo, (and didn’t feel like it either). I don’t know if I will ever get back into my old shape, but I am alive and that is good!! I look at not fitting into my old clothes as an opportunity to buy new ones. Also during chemo shopping therapy was very helpful!! I have a wonderful hat collection!! Also I have been taking Lexapro (low dose) for anxiety etc and that has really helped!! I am a counselor and see no shame in getting help anyway possilbe. I have been able to get through this with a very positive attitude and it has kept me healthy. No worry, no extra stress, no colds.
My husbanc isn’t a talker either. In fact when I was diagnosed he started working out! When someone you love is diagnosed, it brings a reality to the world of your family that nothing else can. CANCER is just that icky word. I know this, I lost my mom 9 years ago and it isn’t like even being epilepticc. (I have that too) John, my husband does little thijns that help, but he isn’t and wasn’t there for me to talk about my fears, loosing my hair etc. That was all done with friends and church. IT doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. It means he is very very scared!!! I hoe this helps and I hoep your cold gets better. I say whatever makes you feel better, do it!! Keep in touch and take care! Kristi



I had 3 liters of fluid drained and lost 10 pounds immediately. I was so angry when diagnosed, so I know how you feel. My advice to you is to see a psychiatrist for meds. You deserve to treat your emotional pain as much as your physical pain. It will really help you with your anxiety and depression (which I believe goes with the diagnosis of cancer). I plan to attend the National Ovarian Cancer Alliance convention starting tomorrow in D.C. Hopefully, I will learn a lot.