Wilson Reading System

Has anyone used this program?

I hear this is a great program. We are at a new school and just getting my children settled. They will be using this program for my middle child but have to do more testing here. It is amazing how different school systems are and what must be done in Maryland vs Texas, where we are currently. I am going nuts with trying to understand the differences, making sure my children are going to be OK, etc. The eldest just took GT testing for the gifted program, my middle one who we were told is dyslexic but at the school was labeled SLD (specific learning disability) and given an IEP, and the youngest with Down Syndrome may not stay at the current placement of school (the same school as the middle child) because they don’t really do “inclusion” as we had in Maryland and I am supposed to go speak with another person at one of the other schools that has a program more tailored to his needs (in this current system). It is a nightmare. He was fully included at the last school with special ed. instructor and help in the classroom. They do not have that here in El Paso. Not for the younger ones, anyway. They call it the AIM program? I don’t know… I am up to my neck in learning a new system and terminology. Sorry so long… Kiersten