Women with BN?

I am a 29 yo woman who has developed Becker’s Nevus on my shoulder, back, arm and neck over the past year. At the same time, I had a huge stress-related weight gain (40 lbs!) and I don’t know if that has anything to do with the BN.

Anyway, it’s weird, especially on my EXTREMELY pale skin. What’s worse, I feel like it may be spreading. Has anyone else noticed this or am I just making it up? I think I didn’t realize how big it was at the beginning, so I’m just not sure.

Are there other women out there with it? Will it grow hair? (Please say no!)


Hi, I am a 45 yo woman from Italy and have a Becker’s nevus on my upper right arm since I was a child. I was quite conscious and embarrassed about it as a child, then I forgot about it and carried on with my life. To reassure you, I will say that my BN has never developed hair - just as well! Looks like it gets hairy on men, not on females.

However, mine is expanding. Last year it started itching, it is like a kind of eczema. Have seen a few dermatologists, have treated it with cortisone based creams. The eczema goes, but it comes back after a while. Does anyone know of a dermatologist who has a wide knowledge about it?

Thanks and greetings from Italy

Hi there,

I am a female w/ bn. I signed up on this site to get some info on this disorder. In my case it did spread. It started off real small when I was 15 years old and now it covers a large portion on my back. I do have hair on my beckers nevus. I haven’t seen it spread for a few years now. I’m now 22. So if you just got it it might spread some.


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i’m 18 years old woman from saudi arabia . I have becker’s nevus om my right breast , arm , half of forearm.
please tell me if there is treatment for it because i can’t live with it.

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Is anyone here try to use laser treatment ??

Hey, I am in similar situation as most of you. I am 22 yrs old, I used to live in a tropical country and spent most of my days outside the sun. I read that becker’s nevus could be triggered by too much sun exposure. While I don’t regret spending my days out in the sun, I am very conscious of my bn. It have it on my upper back right shoulder. I do notice that it expanded. It is slightly hairier than surrounding hair- but the doctor said it only looks like that because of the darker pigment. Also, I notice that it gets itchy once in awhile.


Yea it really sucks having this. I do feel afraid of showing this to a boy. I was fortunate to have my first bf as very understanding and loving. But I am single for awhile now, and yeah I wonder how I would approach a boy about this issue. But for the most its okay.

i too am a female with the same condition on my upper left arm…it looks horrible and i just cant weat cut sleeved clothes…so iv decided to get it tattooed…i would like to see pictures if anyone has tried getting it tattooed already…

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i am 25 yrs old young girl .i hv BN on my leg from ankel to up …whole thigh .it is black brey n dark brown. i feel it is my weakest point to if i reveal. as i m all good by personaltiy n in behavior,good looking. i m don laser treatment since last 6 7 months but hvin no prominent change.

No, it will not grow hair, unless it started “hairy”. My dermatologist suggested a biopsy to determine whether it canbe treated with laser

Hi all!

I’m a 21 yr old, living in Australia, but of Asian background. I have a BN on my upper right outer thigh and goes round to the back of my leg just under my right bottom cheek. I guess I’m luckier than some of you in that I can hide it normally, but it shows when I’m in my underwear.

My mum said I had a small mark when I was a baby but I really started to notice it when I was going through puberty. It spread so quickly and unfortunately it started sprouting lots of little hairs. I’ve been waxing it for a few years now and it seems to have made the hair grow back a little lighter in color and density each time, also when I’m hair free it doesn’t look as dark. I know we should avoid exposing our BN to the sun but I had this crazy idea that I could make it less obvious if my skin color around the BN was darker, so I applied layers and layers of sunscreen on the nevus, and then let the skin around it tan under the sun. Believe it or not it actually kinda worked! haha! although I’m not recommending this as a method of fixing it.

About people’s reaction to it, it affected my self esteem a lot when I was a teenager. And I guess it still does. Especially because (not to sound up myself) I know I’m quite attractive, and I like my body, except for this of course. I use to not be able to be intimate with a boy unless it was dark so he couldn’t see anything. In fact my first boyfriend (who i went out with for 9 months) didn’t even know I had it, I managed to hide it from him for that long. The first person I told was my last ex-boyfriend and I broke down in tears when I told him and showed him. I was so scared he was going to reject me but he was so nice and supportive about it. I’m so glad I did because it is the biggest burden off your shoulders! But after we broke up and I started seeing other guys it was hard to feel compeletely carefree when things got intimate. But I did gather up the courage and showed this guy I’ve been seeing lately. His reaction was “Are you crazy? You’re worried about something like that?” He still adores me and thinks I’m hot.

So girls, the moral of the story is that you might be surprised at the kinds of reaction you’d get from guys. What kinds of reactions have you girls received, or if any guys are reading this what are your thoughts? Although I know I shouldn’t be so shallow in thinking that guys would not want me if I showed them this, it’s still so hard to be unaffected by it! I feel so much better now that I’ve rambled on a bit… would love to hear other people’s experiences!

It’s so tiring trying to cover it all the time. Especially if you live in a hot country where half the year the weather is good. Every one waits for summer to wear their nice sleeveless clothes, to suntan and go for swimming. I can’t do neither of these things.

My BN is on my upper left back and shoulder, it’s big and the thing is that it’s in general abnormal. I get brown patches elsewhere too if I’m not careful in the sun. Still I haven’t heard of anyone here saying they had a successful laser treatment. Have you heard anything new? Especially if you are a girl it is really bad for your self esteem. You can’t hide it when you meet someone, for how long are you going to hide it from your boyfriend!

I’m really embarrassed and scared of what a boys reaction would be when he sees it. I really hope they find something to solve this problem.

What are your experiences with peoples reaction, especially from guys.

Hi Omneyah,

I am sorry because it sounds to me as if you are feeling very depressed. When I am feeling depressed, I often try to think of things for which I can be thankful, and it helps to put things in perspective.

I might suggest, if there is hair on your nevus, to have the hair permanently removed by electrolysis. Laser is easier than electrolysis, but might not work as well if your nevus is dark in color. Once the hair is removed, you will need a way to hide the dark color. At this time, I would recommend Dermablend products.

They are expensive, though, so you might not use it each and every day. Apply a skin matching tone and set it with powder. It is remarkably adherent, and even lasts well through swimming. Even so, for swimming, I would suggest a long-sleeved rash guard. They have very cute ones in bright colors and they are popular with girls in Hawaii and Australia who want to protect their skin. Land’s End catalog has some good ones, or just google, “sun protection swim wear”.

Best of luck as we await a cure.

Hi there!

I’m a woman, 38 yrs old.I have this BN since when I was 24. I have it on my shoulder, arm, and a little on my neck right now. But mine has no hair.

I’m applying Tyrosinase Inhibitor Cream(once at daytime) and Kojic Acid Cream (once at night time)or vice versa.The brown spots will fade but really, really takes time, about 2yrs or more. And will appear again some other time but not too fast.Maybe after 3 or 4yrs.I got it from Belo Medical Group, Philippines.

The founder’s name is Dr. Vicki Belo, the best dermatologist I have ever seen.Just google her profile.I knew she has a branch in the USA but I forgot what state, just search in the google.

I’m now living in Japan, I haven’t visiting the Belo Med’l Group for almost 7 yrs. My relatives just buy me those creams and send it here. But as of now, they will not let me purchase again if I will not visit them.So,I went to the dermatologist here but unfortunately, they don’t have those.

But he researched that Shiseido Haku Melafocus EX Whitening Essence has a tyrosinase inhibitor cream and Kose Infinity Realizing White has kojic acid.For me,I would rather first try the Shiseido 'coz of the TIC if those creams I’m using will be no more.I know the feeling of having this that’s why I reply.

Hope this will help you guys.
Remember God is our no.1 doctor.Keep praying.

Hi I know this is an old thread but just incase any of you get notified about this maybe we can connect again!

I just joined this forum having read your comments and It was the first time I didn’t feel alone about this. Im 28 and I have one covering my left shoulder blade. Its appeared when I was about 12. Its been very difficult to manage mentally. Im interested to hear how many of yours came later in life as I thought it was down to hormonal changes. I wonder if anyone has had success in treatments since then? If im able to get the sun I also use high factor on the BN to tan around it and it becomes less noticeable but I live in a mostly cold country sadly, apart from that nothing has changed it.

All the best to all the women out there

Hi Dear :slight_smile:
yes i do, i am 30 yo women and have BN since i was child , its on my arm, back, and hips,and one breast doesnt growing like the other, the hair on the BN grow but not too much you can remove it through laser or waxing but NOT shaving!,…
i looked for solution but unfortunately until now there is no specific treatment for BN, and now im thinking to cover it with nice tatto :slight_smile: